Saturday, April 26, 2008

Heads Up

This is for all you guys out there.
I'm single.
Eventually I'll find a boyfriend, and once we're a couple we will dress like this:

It makes you want to be my boyfriend pronto, doesn't it?
(I promise to always ROCK my side-ponytail!)
(And, I'll even let you carry BOTH our purses!)

I was so NOT inconspicuous snapping these pics. I was all, "La dee da, I'm just playing with my camera and following you two around wherever go." The guy turned and looked at me a couple times and I frowned harder at my camera. "Me? Taking your picture? Noooooo. This is a high-tech text camera. I'm sending messages. La dee da."


sher said...

LOL!!! You can just tell people you're a famous photographer compiling photos for your next book! Man, that couple is styling!

Diana said...

You should send these to feet|man|seoul. Priceless.

KirkK said...

I've always wondered how the colorblind dress! ;o)

haryandtiny said...

you'd have to think she wants people to take pictures.