Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here's something you don't see,..well - EVER back home. It's a minnow truck! But these little guys aren't destined for the end of a fishing line. They're destined for your belly! On the back of a truck is a great big aquarium and there's a big blurry ball of shimmery silver inside.

The Minnow Man will scoop a bunch of them out for you, dump them into a bowlfull of batter and then transfer them into a wok of boiling hot oil.

Mmmm. That's some fresh fishies!
I've never eaten them, so can't tell you if they're awesome.


KirkK said...

Hi Jenn - Tthose are without a doubt, fresh fish! I wonder what Kamikaze thought?

Kevin said...

All those swirling silver motes... I'm reminded of the "face of God" scene in "The Matrix Revolutions."

Or the "school of smartass fish" scene in "Finding Nemo."


Michael said...

Go ahead, eat one.....or seven!