Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring in a Bowl

I had these green things when I was out to dinner last week and I just loved how fresh and "springlike" they tasted. I asked what they were called and was told "don na-mool" - which is like "money vegetables."
You're SO money, baby!

I was able to find them in the supermarket and I've been eating a bowlful with every meal since then. You can only get these in spring, so I'm taking advantage while I can - if you're in Korea give them a try!

I drizzled them with a mix of gochujang (in the red container) thinned with a little water and a dash of sesame oil. Nummers.

Here's a perfect meal. Soon doobu jjigae, rice, and money-veggie! I've been making my soon doobu with loads of eggplant lately instead of zucchini. So yummy!

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