Saturday, June 25, 2005


I like to nap in the early evenings on the weekends. I'd like to nap in the early evenings every day, but my boss would surely frown on my zzzzz'ing in the classroom. Today I watched a movie with Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter ~ "Theory of Flight." Was so-so. Then I fell asleep.

I had this crazy dream that I was playing some very fun board game in my apartment with my friend Chantelle from university, whom I haven't spoken with in about 5 years, and my friend Jacinta from high school, whom I haven't heard from in about 20 years. The game was so fun! It was glittery and lit up with lights and every time a game would end, we would all argue about who was going to play next.

I left the game, though, to go buy tofu. At the bottom of my hill I saw a giant shakily constructed scaffold and heard the sweetest music. I looked up to see a monk perched high up, in a yoga pose, with his arms stretched up and his chest puffed out. He was singing this song that was as beautiful as it was sad. I stopped to listen and then realized I was topless. I only spent a few seconds wondering why I left my apartment without a shirt, but them just made me a hand-bra and leaned against the wall to see the monk had been replaced with a chubby little boy in a purple loincloth and an orange turban in a pretzel pose teetering on the edge of a thin plank. Still, he sang like an angel. Three Korean women passed in lace dresses, the first 2 in white and the last in black. The tsk tsk'ed my hand bra, and pointed and laughed at the singing child, commenting on his pudginess and the strength of the plank supporting him. I could understand Korean in my dream.

I followed the ladies down the road. They were going to the tofu shop too. The tofu shop was small, with one Korean man with a rubber apron, gloves, and boots and silver teeth. There were red plastic tubs of bubbly water throughout the shop, but he only had one bit of tofu for sale, which he displayed in his gloved hand. The 3 ladies and I bartered and argued for the tofu, them in Korean and I in English and we all understood each other. The ladies said they had a boiling pot of den'jen jigghae at home waiting for the tofu. I said Chantelle would hog the fun game if I came back empty handed.

Just then, as I noticed a perfect glittery yellow and purple huge butterfly flapping its wings on tofu man's head, we all stopped speaking because there was this beautiful song coming from somewhere. Nearby, apparently, a choir of angels was harmonizing. I wandered off to see where it was coming from.

Not even a block away, there was a HUGE tower. It had a broad base and a pointy spire, and there were people sitting on it, crowding each level. About half was covered in a see through plastic, but I could still see the blurry people inside. Once a level was covered up, they were silent, but everyone would otherwise sing. Every 5 minutes or so, the plastic would raise another level. Finally there were 2 people atop who sang, a man and a woman Well,...I can't even describe it. Some strange beautiful spiraling harmonious thing. It left me shaking. When it finished, the plastic raised from the bottom up, and everyone exited. Most were monks, but some where families with lace parasols. I turned to the Korean ladies and smiled. They smiled back at me and showed me their tofu, but I didn't care. My alarm woke me up. (I set it for 9:30 to wake up and watch The Apprentice, Season 2)

My description doesn't even do the dream justice. What sort of crazy subconscious do I have to produce such detailed dreams for my entertainment? Dream interpreters,...please. What do you think?

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