Thursday, June 30, 2005

Two for Two

I returned that horrible video on my way to work today. I picked up 'Million Dollar Baby' to watch tonight. Turns out they don't have a couple copies of this multi Academy Award winning film, they have only one, but it's on two separate video tapes. I'm assuming that's because of the length of the movie. I had the same deal with 'King Arthur,' and with 'National Treasure,' that I watched a few weekends ago. The thing that bugs me is you get charged DOUBLE for renting two tapes. How fair is that? I mean, it's not my fault the movie is so long and has to be put on 2 tapes, and yet I have to pay more.

When I mentioned this to my co-workers, they felt it was perfectly understandable. You get 2 tapes, you pay for 2 tapes. I argued, "But if you go to the movie theatre, they don't charge you extra because you're seeing a long movie!" I don't know, but I think I'm being fleeced. MDB is only 2 hours, 17 minutes long, Surely that could fit on one tape, couldn't it? I can understand Braveheart, at almost 3 hours, or Schindler's List, which runs 3 hours, 17 minutes, needing 2 tapes. But King Arthur? It's only 2 hours and 6 minutes long! I don't know, but I really doubt the paying extra for movies released on 2 tapes thing would fly back home.

Anyhow. It's only an extra $1.80 Canadian. I suppose I shall survive. I'm thinking this movie will make up for last nights fiasco. (Oh yah, my sight and hearing came back this morning, thankfully - and I'm almost sane in my membrane again.) Usually movies that are totally crap don't win 4 Oscars, so it should be decent, eh?

I'll tell you later how it was!

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Nomad said...

DVD players are ridiculously cheap these days, and the cost of renting a DVD at my local rental store is only 1,500 won for new movies, 1,000 won for older ones. And if you don't want to spring for a DVD player, you can watch DVDs on your PC (but then you have to deal with the region thing, which can be taken care of).