Thursday, June 09, 2005


I got up earlier than usual this morning to visit the bank and the post office which are both too far out of my way for my liking. The weekend before last I bought a couple new pairs of sandals since my old ones are smelly and falling apart. My new sandals are men's sandals because my feet are too big for pretty ladies sandals. This is a fact that makes me so sad, and resentful of all the Korean ladies with their oh-so-small feet and their pretty shoes. Damn them.

One of the fairly ugly pair of sandals have a cushy sole, which is fine by me. If I had my way, I would walk around with my feet embedded in huge marshmallows. These sandals are almost closed toed though, which I know is going to feel too hot for my feet once summer really takes hold here. After wearing them a couple times I realized the part that bends on the top of the shoe when you push off with your toes, hurts the top of my foot, pretty much where the big toe joins to the foot. So I've been avoiding them the last few days and wearing my cheap-o pair of Berkenstock wanna-be's. They cost me less than ten bucks. Bar-goon!!

Thing is, I didn't realize that after a few good walks in them, the bottom part, the part my feet make contact with, actually transforms to a coarse sandpaper and rubs the bottom of my feet right off. I've got blisters and walking makes me go "ouch."

Cheap pieces of CRAP!

I've been battling a cold all this past weekend and decided after a fitful Monday night of not being able to breathe, to visit the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. I also told him I have a sore lower back, which is probably just PMS related, but still -- while I was there why not mention it? He gave me a shot in my ass, which I always get. Korean docs seem to really love ass-injections. He also gave me a prescription for 22 and a half pills per day for the next two days. I took my first batch of 7 and a half pills last night before I went to sleep. I slept fairly well, except for the bad dreams. I dreamt my Uncle Mike shot me in the face. Freaky.

So I got up a little earlier, got my feet sanded off on the way to the bank and post office, and I took another 7 and a half pills once I got to work. I do not know what these pills are, but holy crap, I could barely keep my eyes open. Seriously, I must have looked a little strange to the kids, as I couldn't focus very well and my eyes kept involuntarily rolling into the back of my head.

I'm zonked. Knackered. Shattered.

I came home, crawled into bed and napped for 2 hours and still woke up feeling wobbly. I would have maybe slept right through, but I had to get up to watch the final episode of Sex in the City, which I have patiently waited for for over a year now. They finally aired it here, at midnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and today was the last one. I loved loved loved it. I cried a lot. Now I'm puffy-eyed and doped up (took my 3rd 7 and a half pills after I ate.)

I wonder what these pills are??!

In other news, my friend tells me the rainy season is supposed to start on Friday so I'll dust my umbrellas off.

I was coming home last week, Wednesday, I think - in the rain. I stopped outside my apartment on the back steps to watch a cat slinking around the dumpster. Following the cat was a small creature walking along slowly. In the dim light I couldn't make out what it was -- a kitten, perhaps? The little thing walked behind the dumpster and just as a car pulled into the back lot, illuminating the lot, the little creature stuck its head out from behind the other side of the dumpster and stayed peeking out from there until the occupants of the car had exited their vehicle and passed by me on the stairs. Then the thing continued walking slowly toward the garden. I walked out into the rain to get a better look at it -- and it was a frog! A very big mutant frog. A walking frog! I think I was witnessing some Darwinian action in my back parking lot!

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Seriously, the thing was as big as the mutant rat who waits outside my apartment door to scare the shit out of me as I leave.

I'm off to dream of pretty shoes and big-ass frogs. 'Night.

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Kevin said...

Get well soon! And congrats on a full year in Korea.