Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hardy Har Har

I didn't actually go to a real hospital. If I had, I might not have been able to mention getting an ass-injection! I visited the local clinic and he felt my belly, which made me semi-scream, and then prescribed the usual ass-injection and buffet of pills, sealed per dosage in their own wax-paper envelopes. I felt very precarious today. The Fist of Steel made it's presence known throughout the day, but I only had to run to the bathroom a couple times.

Today, I was actually "bullied" by one of my students. Can you believe it? The kid picked a bad day to mess with me, too. We were playing a game; it was toward the end of class, and 2 teams were competing against one another in seated lines. Since we had only 7 out of 8 students, I sat in on one of the teams. After about 3 rounds of play, I accidentally dropped a marker on the floor in front of me, and when I lifted my ass off the chair to retrieve it, the boy behind me, my teammate, pulled my chair out from under me so I crashed to the floor when I went to sit back down. I scraped my back up on the stupid super-solid plastic chairs too. My gut wrenched and I had to sit there a couple moments trying not to perform a repeat of last night's pant-crapping festivities.

Right. Game over. Take out your books.

Shortly after, I just left the class and went to the washroom. We had only five minutes left, and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Yes, yes, as I said in the previous post, I am a suck. I am. I'm hyper-sensitive when I'm not feeling well. Luckily, I usually get over it pretty quickly, but, whatever. The kid was really upset, and kept apologizing. He can get back to me tomorrow about it. If he understood what it felt like to expel fire water from his ass 63 times over the previous day and a half, only to smash said ass into the floor, he'd know why I was so pissed.

I know kids will be kids, and the whole pulling the chair out from under people seems very funny, ha ha hardy har, but I'm the bloody teacher. The kid made a stupid impulsive decision and he's lucky I didn't have go-go gadget arms with which to smack him one. Maybe next time, he'll think before he acts like a jackass. Maybe not.

Witnessing a kid break their skull open* on a marble table when I was in elementary school learned me the chair-yank thing is rarely worth the laugh that could ensue. Frankly, I think it's just plain mean.

*Okay, their skull didn't break open pinyata style, but she needed 6 stitches, and there was a hell of a lot of blood. And no laughing at all.

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Kevin said...

You missed an opportunity to act like a bombardier beetle and teach that kid a lesson with an ass-blast of fire-water.


"OK, kids, let's keep playing the game! Kyung-su only looks dead. He's all right."