Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hey Ladies!

On my way out the door to work today I saw a blurb on MSN about women having been ordained as Catholic priests and I thought "Huh?" Granted, I haven't been to church in a long time, and the only way I've kept up with the goings on within the religion have been watching the Pope's funeral months ago and the naming of the new Pope, Bernadette,, no, that's not right,....Benedictine. As far as I knew this morning, the Catholics were still pretty much against women priests. Aren't they?

When I got to work, I googled it, and found this article. Apparently, nine women were ordained, on the Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway, aboard the Thousand Island III tour-bout, as either Roman Catholic priests or deacons, in an unsanctioned ceremony. One women, before being ordained as a deacon, said, "I believe it's valid even if it's against the law of the church because it is an unjust law,"

Ahhhh, it's like that eh?

Well I just wanted you all to know that only moments ago, in an unsanctioned ceremony in my apartment, I have been appointed a United States Supreme Court Justice. I believe it's valid, even if I'm Canadian.

Apparently, this isn't the 1st time women have been unofficially ordained in unsanctioned ceremonies. In 2002, on a pleasure boat on the Danube, women were also ordained, only to be later ex-communicated by then Cardinal Ratzinger, (now Pope Bernadette, DAMN, Benedictine,...what the hell is wrong with me?)

It makes me wonder why women are having to go on boat cruises to get ordained? What is the link between voyages on the S.S. Minnow and becoming a femme priest? Were Ginger, Maryanne, and Mrs. Howell, in fact, unofficial Roman Catholic priests?

In my online search today, I also found out that the Catholic church has been ordaining married men! The Vatican grants special celibacy dispensations in some cases. I did not know that!! So, if they can seemingly bend, what I thought was a hard fast rule regarding priests and sex, why can't they bend towards Father-Lady priests?

This site, (Catholic Planet) would have you believe the Catholic church will have naught to do with Lady-priests,....EVER! "Women cannot be validly ordained to the priesthood, because Christ did not give His Church the authority to confer priestly ordination on women. Therefore, between now and the Return of Christ, women cannot be priests." Hmph!

And furthermore, if any of you good Catholic women had any questions about how to dress and behave, Catholic Planet offers these helpful guidelines. Just a sample: "Women should wear skirts and dresses; they should not wear pants. Women should have longer hair than men; a woman's hair style should be feminine (not masculine and not androgenous). Women should dress and groom themselves in a feminine manner, to show that they accept the place God has given women in Creation, in society, in the family, and in the Church."


Anyhow, I have to go iron my pants before I go make some supreme court rulings about very important and serious matters.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Don't be alarmed!
Female priests, gay bishops and lesbian priests and much more.
They are all proving the word of God.
They can fool the whole world, but they cannot fool God.

Religion has become a comedy of errors.

Kevin said...

Pope Bernadette. I love it.


birdwoman said...

I've always been a proponent of Vote With Your Feet. If you wanna be a priest, and you're gay or female (or both), go Episcopal.

We have all the cool ceremony and history, but we tell the pope to go away.