Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Super Fun Stylistic Summer Fashion English

Speaking of fashion, I found myself with some spare time tonight and the novel I'm currently reading back home on my floor in the bathroom doorway. I looked around and saw a rack of current, very thick, Korean Women's fashion magazines. I picked one up, and fell down. It was heavy. Then I dragged it back to my table. I figured I would just have a look at the pictures.

The contents were all in English, ha-ha, I mean 'Engrish.' Check out some of the article titles: 'sportive sleeveless wind, the best girl of one-piece, swatch for vacance, swing playtime, (which featured a cute girl and a pouty, sneering, often nose-picking guy both dressed in gym-wear and having a silly little playfight) dying variation in star, (which sounds like a, astro-physics article) bye~body pimple, (ewwww~yuck!) lower-item change project,' and finally, 'this month beauty style - kissable blue girl.' I didn't capitalize any of the titles. I know. Neither did the magazine. It's sylistic fashion writing, after all!

Another article was called 'enjoy beach styling - beach queen project cover you! beachwear!' On the following pages were full spread photos of the same model in varying swimsuits and bikinis and tights! I mean - leggings, and stockings, and fishnets, oh my!! Is this the height of beach uuberfashion this season? The model had this afro thing happening and super long eyelashes. Very 70's-chic. I couldn't understand the hosiery though. And before, when I said "full spread," I meant fullll spread. I was surprised at the model's poses. A couple times, she was crouch down knees spread as far apart as they will go. In other shots she was standing up over the photographer. All very "lookit my crotch" poses. This, in a country where girls are often clothed at the beach, as much for their dislike of tanning as it is for their modesty.

Here are the tag-lines from the "check out me crotch" swimsuit spread: 'cover me' is splashed across the length of 2 pages, and then on each page is 'hold in your arm, slim body-slim line, uncover or hide, beautiful ribbon, (yet nary a ribbon in site) good line play, bright print, and sexy region.' Ha ha ha!!

Fashion English is funny.

Speaking of "look at my crotch,"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
For real?? Ha ha ha ha!!!

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