Saturday, July 02, 2005

Right Here, Right Now

I just went for a walk. It's damp out. One might call it "sultry," but I think that sounds kind of cliche. It reminds me of Billy Crystal trying to start a story in 'Throw Mama from the Train.' That was a funny movie. I loved all the crazy payphones Danny DeVito kept calling from.

At the bottom of my big steep hill there is a big dead frog. It's not as big as the mutant walking frog I saw in the parking lot a few weeks ago, but it's pretty big. It died sometime in the last day and a half, because it wasn't there when I went to work yesterday. I wonder how. It seems intact, not smushed by a car, which is the major danger of being a frog on that hill. It looks like it just lay down or a nap, although there is some brown liquid running out from underneath it. Is frog's blood brown? (Say that last sentence 10 times fast!) Bugs are already starting to eat it. I hope someone tosses it into the woods, because I'd rather not be a witness to its decomposing. Late last summer, someone stuck a banana in a fence in the parking lot. I passed the banana every day and watched as it went from bright yellow to black and brittle. It was kind of interesting.

I'm annoying to take along on a hike, because I always want to stop and look at things. I guess I'm a "stop and smell the roses" (or crap) kind of person. It's a cool experiment though, to pick an area, say a couple square feet, and look at everything in it. If you choose a couple square feet of your kitchen floor, there might not be much to see, but still. My floor is made of fake wood and even in a square foot of it, I can consider the colours and the pattern of varying sizes of rectangles that intermingle. And there's Kamikaze's mouse lying there, black and white soft fur with a tail made of bright yellow, pink, and green plumage. I think if Kamikaze ever came across a real mouse he'd be confused by it's lack of feathers sticking out its bum.

Seriously though. Next time you're out and about, take a few minutes and examine something. Take stock of the moment; this is what I see, while I smell and hear this, this is what I think, and this is how I feel. Everyone so often seems to be rushing from moment to moment, but all you really have is right here, right now.

On another note, what is UP with these Korean super-mosquitoes? I'm itchy now from being bit so much on my walk. One even managed to bore through my jeans and underwear to get to my butt. How is that possible? I've seen their little needle noses, and they frankly don't look that strong. Ass injections of a different sort.

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