Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Friday Night, and I Feel Alright!

Dinner was nice tonight. I almost passed on it because I was totally pissed off, (tell you later maybe, if ever) but I'm glad I didn't. We went to this interesting restaurant where they had tables outside, a huge movie screen where they were playing some Santa Claus movie for the kids, and an old rusty 4-person swing that I'm glad I didn't play on. I almost did, but I discovered while pushing it, the rust stains would have totally ruined my new white t-shirt. There were also big cages with roosters and hens and other cute birds, and turkeys and bright coloured big birds, and rabbits and guinea pigs and lovebirds, and 2 not-so-happy monkeys, and cute little birds poking their beaks out of 2 nests.

By the time we explored, dinner was already cooking on the grill at our picnic style table. It was bossam of sorts. Check out Fatman's description of this meat. When my friend Goldie was here, we ordered it delivered from a restaurant that's known for it's delicious bossam, and we were totally turned off at getting a big heaping pile of fat, pretty much. The bossam at the monkey restaurant (which is really called "Clean Barbeque!") was thick and smoky and after grilled quite delicious, dipped in some kind of mustardy sauce and wrapped in sesame (hate 'em) leaves or lettuce with kimchi, wasabi and vinegar soaked onions, thins strips of green leafy stuff and garlic. I should have played on the swing afterall, because I dropped a big wad of kimchi and onion on the front of me within the first few bites.

My co-worker did bring her digital camera and is supposed to e-mail me some pics sometime soon. It's convinced me I want to buy a digital camera. I have a gorgeous Canon Eos which takes excellent shots, but it's cumbersome and I never get around to developing any pictures. I have about 15 rolls I dropped off at my moms place well over a year ago, which documents all my time in Japan. I have a few rolls here as well. Judy (my co-worker) tells me they sell digital cameras on TV quite cheap, so I'll surf more Korean channels. Soon soon.

Tomorrow I am meeting Elizabeth for lunch at this nice buffet restaurant, Paprika. You can read a review half way down the page here, or a tiny blurb here. I'm not sure they got the prices right in the first link, I remember them being more in the 13,000won area last time I went for lunch in May. Doesn't matter, I plan to eat at least 13,000 won worth of smoked salmon, and drop another 4,000 won down the front of my t-shirt just for good measure. Then we're off to see War of the Worlds, my 1st movie at the theatre in Korea.

Then I'm off to search for a little store my students told me about that sells kitchy "Dalki" things. She's a popular strawberry headed animation chick in Korea. I'm in search of Dongchimee toys. I like sending them to my brother in the hopes he will become the avid collector of shit related things he should be. Check out Dongchimee: Image hosted by
Wish me luck!