Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thirsty Bunny

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I'm going to go dine with my bosses and co-workers outside at a restaurant that my boss chose because she thinks I'll like it there. There are some birds and some monkeys apparently! (Not to eat, I think they live there.) She said it's a bit expensive, but the meat is delicious. I hope it doesn't rain!

My co-worker has promised to bring her digital camera so I can take a couple pictures and then she'll e-mail them to me, and I'll blog them. So maybe YOU can see the monkeys too! I hope she doesn't forget.

I might try to see if I can borrow said camera for the weekend and then I will take a couple pictures of my big black pussy and show you how massive he is. I mean my cat, sick-o.

On my way to work, I pass by a big sad white rabbit in a cage. I always stop and say "Hi Bunny!" and he nibbles at my finger. It was driving me mad that he never had any water in there, and on hot humid days I would arrive at work completely bothered by it.

Recently I passed by a pet store to see the two cool bats who hang upside down there, and I spied one of those rabbit/guinea pig upside-down water bottles. I bought it, thinking about the thirsty white rabbit. I asked Elizabeth to write a note in Korean I could attach to the bottle, and she did. Turns out she had translated my frustration at the sight of water-less bunny, and penned the Korean equivalent of "animals need water to live, dumb-ass!" She didn't have time to finish the note though, as the bell rang. I asked my boss to finish it off, but when Karen read it, she blushed, and hemmed and hawed, "Jenny, can I write a new note?" "Sure!" I said. "Why?" And she told me what Elizabeth had written.

I laughed, and said "ohhh!" and told Karen what I actually wanted to say was along the lines of "here is a present for your rabbit, I hope he likes it!" and I drew a little picture of a happy rabbit drinking from a bottle, (I also wanted to diagram how to attach the bottle to the cage, just in case they didn't have a clue.) I didn't want to insult the people who own the rabbit, I just wanted the animal to be able to have a drink. (There actually was a plastic bowl in the cage, but it was always overturned with the bottom of the cage damp. I don't think rabbits do well with water bowls.) Karen had never seen a water bottle like that, so perhaps the Bunny-owners hadn't either.

Elizabeth really hasn't mastered sarcasm, and I'm guessing she isn't the most tactful person in Korean either. She takes everything I say very literally, and I've learned to explain when I'm joking. Karen smiled and said something along the lines of "Elizabeth is like that."

I left the bottle tied to their door last Friday on my way to work. (The rabbit's cage is actually behind a restaurant/home.) I was very pleased on Monday when I noticed the full bottle hanging on the bunny's cage, and the addition of a smaller brown rabbit as well! Now I stop and say "hello bunnies!!" I hope the rabbits figure out how to drink from it. Are rabbits smarter than sheep?

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