Thursday, April 13, 2006

BBM3, again!

Subtitle: The Woman Who Keeps on Giving!

EVA!!!! You're killing me, woman!

A couple days ago I arrived to work to find yet another package from my generous and gracious swap partner from BBM3 back in November. I was even more surprised to get another package than I was to get my second package from Eva back in December! And here it is, April, and I'm getting yet a THIRD package! As if!!

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More delicious goodies!
Eva sent me 2 little packages of mini elk salamis. Yummers! Also there's a package of Herbs de Provence. (A mixture of dried savoury herbs grown in Provence - thyme, majoram, rosemary, oregano and savory.) Mmmmm! Now I'm trying to find a recipe to make something delicious and herby for dinner next Monday. (Dinner and a movie night.) I thought the brown flat package was beef jerky at first. Its contents resemble leather! BUT - it's chocolate! Delicious dark chocolate with red pepper, 73% cacao content, hello! Oh Eva, thank you!

Also in the package were these:
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Books! Yay!!!
The thick one is
Eleni, which I'm looking forward to reading. I'm about half way through the other one, Special Delivery now, and I swear I've read it before, but it must have been a long long time ago, because it's only vaguely familiar now!

Eva, thank you thank you thank you!~ You're TOO kind!
I'm already thinking about what I'm going to send YOU next! I'm so glad to hear you like books! (Just a hint as to what I'll be sending you!)

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