Saturday, April 01, 2006

Say Cheese (Or Kimchi!)

Today I bought a fancy schmancy digital camera via home-shopping website. It should be delivered sometime next week. Now I won't have to borrow my co-worker's silly little camera (honestly held together with duct tape) and I'll be able to take pictures of everything. All the time. For every reason.

I'm going to take pictures of my facial expressions when I think about things. It's going to be cuh-ray-zee stay tuned.

Also, there will be oodles of Kamikaze pictures. Because I know Kevin loves them!!


captain_howdy_girl said...

yeah!! I can't wait to see all your pics!


adding digital pictures is becoming almost indispensible to the post de jour....IMHO.

Anonymous said...

And the question is: what happened to the third date with the Prince Charming?