Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's HERE!

My fancy schmancy cute new digital camera! I like it! It's so pretty and white and nice. Check it out!
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Bet you wised you had one, eh?

I've never been much of a photographer. I have a really nice Cannon EOS, but carrying it around is bothersome. About a year ago I recall taking some pictures when my pal Goldie was visiting me. Another problem is that I never seem to bother taking the pictures in to get developed after I take them! I have about 20 rolls of undeveloped film covering the first 2 years I spent in Asia stashed at my mother's house. It's going to be interesting (not to mention expensive) to get those developed when I'm back in Canada and take a stroll down memory lane. I've got a whole mess of film rolls here too, but I won't get them developed, even though it's probably cheaper to do so here. Traveling with rolls of film is a lot less cumbersome than albums. Anyhow, no more!

Now I just have to play around with the camera and hope I don't break it while I try to figure out how it works. The manual is all in Korean. I can order an English version through Nikon in Japan, but I have to go to the post office and get some International Reply Coupons and send them to Japan. So far, though, the camera's menu is all in English, and it seems pretty user friendly. I'm not TOO bad with gadgets (I figured out last week how to rewind or fast forward on songs on my MP3 Player. That only took me, what,...6 months or so?) Ha!

Anyhow, I'll have some good opportunities in the next few days to take some pictures. Tomorrow the BIG BOSS, my school's namesake (I work at one of a bunch of franchises in Korea) is coming for a visit! WOW! He's going to be speaking to the kids for about an hour. I hope he gets them all pumped up to study hard and be nice to their teachers! I've been told he will be speaking in Korean, which makes sense. Unfortunately I won't be able to understand what he says. I expect his English skills will be very good, so I'm looking forward to meeting him! Also, the kids are all encouraged to attend his talk at 3:00pm, and then they don't have to come to their regular classes, which means I should be getting off early. One little girl in the last class of the day told me she can't come at 3:00 because she goes to another school then, so she'll have to come at the regular time. Not only will she be the only student in her class, but she will be the only student in the SCHOOL! Luckily, I'm scheduled to teach the other class, who won't be there! All the kids in the 1st classes will be coming in later as well, so it looks like I might only have to teach 1 class tomorrow - the middle school kids, who have to stick around after their school day ends to clean their school.

This weekend I'm going to Seoul! Cool! I'm not going to be spending a lot of time there, though. (Just Saturday afternoon) I'm going to a wedding in Suwon on Sunday with C. I haven't mentioned him since here, partially because I don't know what to call him! My "buddy" isn't right, but neither is "namja-chingu" appropriate (ha-ha, yet!) How about "my LOVER?" (I'm joking - it just reminds me of a running SNL skit from a few years back where Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch would only refer to one another as "my lover." "Oh, I love to watch my lover make me sandwiches and then make love to me like a proper lover should."
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(Professor Klavin and his lover Virginia)

Anyhow, I'll call him C. And in answer to anonymous commenter a few posts back, it's going well. I like him! A lot!

By the way, on Sunday night I was flipping around the TV channels looking for a movie to watch and came across the "Breakfast Club," a movie I've seen a million times, but is still so cool. What a crazy bunch of misfits those Saturday-detention kids are! When they dance, post doobage-smoke, in the library - I can't help but dance along in my livingroom. I didn't watch TOO long though, as it turns out they were airing the "edited for TV" version (it was the Hallmark network, after all.) I did, however, spit tea all over the coffee table when they altered John Bender's line "hot beef injection" and dubbed in "hot wild affection!" Nice job!

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Kirk said...

Hey Jenn - Nice camera!!! I've got camera envy.....