Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dokdo/Takeshima: A Solution

I posted last summer about the greatest T-shirt I bought for my pretty little niece. Proffesor Snoopy say Dokdo is Land of Korea. You know if Snoopy says so it's gotta be so.

Still, the debate over Dokdo being Korea's island has been refueled. Check out the link for historical background. I said it in my previous post, but will say it again. I know how to end the "war." Let's have a look at Dokdo:
Image hosting by Photobucket
There it is. A big hunk o'rock in the middle of the sea. But what's that on top of the island? Let's have a closer look!
Image hosting by Photobucket
It's still a bit unclear, but it seems as though a figure is standing atop the hunk of rock. Who is it? What are they doing there? What the hell is going on?!?! Let's take an even closer look!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Ohhhhhhh! It's ME!
Look at that! I claimed Dokdo/Takeshima for MYSELF! It's now "Jenny-do: the Island of Jelly!" I will open up a kimchi/sushi/poutine restaurant at the base of the island and cater to all the sea folk. I will also set up a Japan/Korea Community Centre where we will drink soju in a zen garden. It's going to be bee-you-tee-full, and everyone is invited.
Conflict resolution in a breeze when you're willing to go that extra mile for a cause!


scott said...

Ilike the name 'Jelly-do' better. Gives the name a cute, silly sound that seems appropriate.

By the way, how did you get the VANKsters to comment on your blog "Korea kick the butt." I am so envy.

Kevin said...

I have an island of jelly flapping happily about my waist!


Anonymous said...

Would you do that if the Yanks claim an island off Newfoundland?

scott said...

Where is Newfoundland? Someone tell us, and we'll have it liberated by this June.

Jelly said...

Scott -- yah, I like it too. But it makes me think of Playdough! Those were long VANKster comments, eh? They kick the ass!

Ha-ha Kevin. Maybe I'll claim your midsection! All Jelly is be mine.

Hi Anon, thanks for visiting! No - if America claimed an island off Newfoundland I'd light myself on fire and chop my head off! (And try to open a poutine and apple pie stand.)