Monday, October 08, 2007

Not Ok Computer

Bloody hunk of crap. I'ts been NOT working more than it has. I'm thinking about getting my money back and buying a new one. I think Kevin jinxed me in my comments. Everything's his fault. Bastard!


Annie Mosaic Cat said...

and you think that is a valid excuse for not drunk dialing me collect when I laid every clue with which to do so at your lotus feet?

Kevin said...

Since you're blaming me for stuff, you can add this to the list:

I had butt sex with your cat.

He'd have told you, but luckily for me, cats don't talk.


Jelly said...

Annie - Meow! I don't think I have your digits?
Kev-o - you're twisted.
You're confusing really really wanting to with having done so.

Kevin said...

That's the only cat I know that has actual ass cheeks.