Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Show Me the Money?

Well, my boss and I finally hashed out a dollar amount (or won amount, as it may be) to try to settle up tax and pension issues. It wasn't as much as I might have gotten if I were to sick the government offices on her, but it hopefully will keep things civil and save me the hassle of having to undo what she's done. See, she listed me as an "Independent Contractor" which means, pretty much, that I'm self employed and therefore responsible for a higher tax rate. It also means that I should be settling my taxes directly with the tax office. Instead, as you may know if you've been following this drama for any amount of time, she collected 1.7% ABOVE the rate of an Independent Contractor - and has submitted nada in my name to the tax office. For three years. That mess also affects my pension - as I gather "Contractors" weren't mandated to pay into pension until January 2006.

So we settled on a lesser amount, and I've been trying to convince myself to just "let it go." My boss has requested that I write up some sort of agreement on the amount we settled on, "in case you change [your] mind in a year or two." ("About suing [my] ass.")

Thing is, the first of her monthly payments toward settling up was due last week with my regular pay. Yet, it failed to appear in my bank account. I mentioned this to her today, and she told me she's very busy. Thankfully, she wasn't too busy to pay me my salary, but I suppose that coming up with a few extra hundred dollars takes more time? More abacus work? More visits to a fortune teller to determine the most auspicious days to GIMME? I don't know.

Funny. I'm very often thinking about patience. More specifically, I'm thinking about the fact that I have none. But I think I judge myself too harshly. It's been about a year now since we first started negotiating, and I've yet to actually turn her upside down and shake the money out of her.

Go, me!


Gigha said...

Patience is good. Up to a point. So they say. I don't have a lot of it so I wouldn't know...

Maybe you should try reverse psychology and see if that works better?

Jelly said...

What sort of reverse psychology? Like, "Uhhhhh - I changed my mind. I don't want you to give me my money?" Then maybe she'll give me double?

Gigha said...

No, no, no! :)
More like "I fully understand that you are too busy this week/month..." "I can see that you have more important things to take care of..." That has worked for me. But I don't know how well it works with a Korean boss.

It's Me...Maven said...

It's still EFFing wrong.

How much longer do you have to fullfill your contract?