Friday, October 05, 2007

¡Oh mi dios!

I actually told the freezer at Homeplus today to "Shut! UP!" when I saw these babies inside.
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And they had different sizes as well! Fantastic!
I'm going to get up early and make little "tortilla sushis" for my co-workers and I. We'll have two varieties: smoked salmon, cream cheese, and sprouts, and some salmon cream cheese, sun-dried tomato, grilled eggplant, and avocado.

The last time I had tortillas was earlier in the summer when I got a fabulous surprise package from Maven over at The Sanctum Santorum, which included a little taco-kit! (Thank you again, M!) I can't recall why I didn't blog about the tacos. Maybe because though they were delicious, the photo was ugly? (I kind of overcooked the meat.) Anyways, here they are, wishing they had some guacamole on them. I don't think I could find avocados at the time.
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If HomePlus starts carrying taco seasoning, I'm going to have to flip the hell out in one of the aisles! Note, those things on the tortilla package are definitely NOT tacos.


Kevin said...

re: taco seasoning

Would you like me to mail you a big-ass bottle of cumin? I'm pretty sure you can find everything else down where you are if you'd like to try making taco seasoning.

That, or I can mail you actual taco seasoning packets (they're tiny, about 1 packet per pound [450g] of ground beef). Me, I prefer homemade.

(cilantro is GOD)

Nomad said...

Suddenly, I'm hungry.

Kitikata-san said...

tacos, yumm. Yours look great, like the real deal! can you get any ancho chilis? Or can you wood smoke your own pablanos? And you can try sprinkling cumin on top too (I found cumin makes Mexican food seem Mexican, as sesame oil makes Chinese food Chinese) That would help to bring your tacos closer to taco heaven!

R said...

Funny, back in Australia, all I dream about is sam gyup sal.

Jelly said...

Kevin! That's very kind of you! How does one make tace seasoning from cumin? I'll have to look that up. Man, if they had hard tacos here - oh - I love them!! But I HATE cilantro. I even try to walk around it in the grocery stores back home, I hate the smell so much. I wish I liked it, but it tastes rotten to me.

Kitkata-san- ancho chilis? Wood smoke my own pablanos? Eh? I almost wet myself to finally find tortillas here!! Soooo, maybe no!
Really - Mexican food is hard to come by here. In my city we have ZERO Mexican restaurants. Again - look at the tortilla package! That there ain't no Mexican grub!

Jelly said...

Oh,...and R,...come back here got a visit and I'll treat you to some grilled meatsies 3 times a day!! Can I send you something to help you make your own tent-meal there?

R said...

There are Korean restaurants/supermarkets here--I found one REALLY good one.

Problem is they're not open in the middle of the night when the munchies hit, and not within drunken stumbling distance.

Although, I have been nurturing thoughts of coming back to Korea for a two-week eating holiday...