Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh, Blogiverse!

I haven't been ignoring you. My new (used) computer has been continuously crashing since last week. So I call in Mister Computer-Man and he fixes things and leaves, and then my computer seems to miss him, or something - so it crashes again. Awesome! Mister Computer-Man came over again tonight and tinkered around. He told me he will come again tomorrow. I guess he misses my computer as well.

Actually, it's the fan -or cooler - (thingamajig) that needs replacing. It might be cool for tonight (PUN!) but may decide to just quit if it gets sleepy, or bored or something. If I turn of the computer, it will definitely not be roused again.

You can tell I'm practically a Computer Technician, right? I'm sorry if my use of uuber-tekkie jargon was way over your heads!


Kevin said...

It's too late to say this, but... my own policy with computer stuff is to avoid buying used items at all costs. In the beginning I tried going second-hand, but it ended badly every time.

Good luck with your thingamajig.


Jelly said...

Yessssssss. Sigh. You're probably right. I just didn't feel like paying for something new that I was going to have to re-sell or abandon in a few months. Mister Computer-Guy is pretty straight up, and he's been working with my school's computers for a long time now. I know if this thing turns out to be a clunker he's not going to screw me over about it. As it is, when it's working, it's MUCH better than the pile of crap I used for the last 3 years!