Monday, October 29, 2007

Very Scary

This is heinous, and it's not salad dressing.
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I haven't been feeling well lately. (And no, that's not puke pictured, either.)
All last week I had headaches and my muscles and lungs hurt and I have a persistent cough. And the fatigue,...lawdy, I'm bagged. I'm kind of worried I'm going to overdose on pills, trying to get some sleep. On the weekend, it's okay to be woken up every couple hours with a coughing fit and an urge to pee the bed. I can just nap around the clock. However, I've got to drag my bum to work tomorrow (well, later today really) and I hate teaching on no sleep when I'm already feeling crappy.

So awhile ago I googled "home cough remedies," and read some suggestions. I decided to just add together any ingredient I had that was mentioned. Can't hurt, eh? So up in that bottle is a mixture of a little rum, lemon juice, honey, apple vinegar, Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper (well, gochugaru really) and some smashed up ginger and onion.
I just took four tablespoons of the stuff, (can't hurt, eh?) and it's a blow-your-face-off-extravaganza of spicy-sweet-sourness.
Let's hope it helps.


Tanya said...

Goodness! you ate that? Maybe if it were shaken up it wouldn't look so bad :-) Anyway, hope you're feeling better soon!

Jelly said...

Thanks, Tanya! It was pretty gross, but I was getting desperate!