Sunday, October 14, 2007

What You Need

I bought myself a new keyboard - not because my old one wasn't working, but because most of the letters had been rubbed out by my fingers. I didn't realize when I bought this keyboard, but the sides are all lit up with neon lights. Bonus! However, in typing that last bit, I've changed over to CAPS LOCK twice. That sucks.

I was home this evening enjoying my Sunday. That means I was without pants and floating between my computer, the TV, my book, and a nap. Perfect. But then the doorbell rang, and once I put pants on to answer it, I found my friend Ben on the other side. I thought it might be him, since just over an hour ago I'd gotten a message, "Let's sing a song!" from him.

Now see, that message does not specify. It doesn't say where, when, or for how long. And I maybe should be used to Ben's modus operandi, but on the other hand he should be used to my hatred of impulsiveness. But he's not. And I don't really understand that, as I'm so very grrrrr-ified when he shows up unannounced - which he always does.

See, if I'm home, I'm in my pyjamas. They're not fuzzy flannel and bunny themed, but they're PJ's nonetheless. They're comfy and I dig them. Really, they're a T-shirt and fleece palazzo pants or (like I was wearing today) shorts. Actually I wasn't wearing the shorts. I was sitting upon them. When the doorbell rang, my shorts were lining the computer chair and I was very close to napping stretched out on my bed.

So I put on my shorts and answered the door. And scolded Ben. Again. After leaving him outside for a few minutes - to tidy up just a little bit and get myself together, I let him in, and continued to try to straighten up. I needed a shower. In the meantime, a guy showed up with a box full of chicken. Ben had ordered it on the way over here. Yummy! Except I'd just eaten my brunch - wonton soup - not even an hour and a half before. And I still needed a shower.

I need advance notice. I need to prepare my space for a visit, or prepare myself if we're going out. I don't think that's unreasonable. It's better for everyone if you call ahead. Isn't that a rule?

So when we finally got down to it, there was some cold yangyum chicken that I wasn't hungry for, and a couple of hours worth of karaoke to be sung. And some rum. It was all good by then. But, initially,...

What is it with the friends I have these days who are fun and cool but like to BUG me? I'm far enough along in life to know what I'm like - good or bad, and so I broadcast that - and more often so, just fess up to it. Yet so many people insist on doing what it is that bugs me so.

I don't know what it is exactly. I think I'm sending mixed messages. Perhaps if you're easygoing in just about every other aspect of life, people won't take you for real in the few areas you'd like to be uncompromising about. Whatever it is, I'll bet that friendship isn't easy. You might want it to be, but there always seems to be some little pinprick that makes you go, "What the hell?" But I've had those moments in every single friendship in my life.

It's probably just me, but what is it with my friends who aren't giving me what I want and need?
What the hell?

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Kevin said...

Are you communicating your peeves clearly to your friends? If they're anything like me, they might be a bit slow on the uptake.