Sunday, October 21, 2007


On Friday, I told the HomePlus freezer section to "Shut the HELL up!" There, nestled right beside the tortillas were these babies:
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They're expensive, over five bucks a box, but they're pretty deelish. Except when you burn the hell out of them, which I did yesterday. There's really no saving toaster waffles once they've been charred. Really, I think I'd prefer EGGOS, but these are alright, though I doubt I'll splurge on them again.

If you're in Korea, your local HomePlus probably has a bunch of little kiosks somewhere outside the checkouts to the grocery store. There, you might find waffles, which are made nice and hot and the lady will slather on some whipped cream and (I think) apple jelly and then fold it in half for you to eat.
I never eat them like that.
But I have asked for them plain - and it's better if they're cool and have been sitting in that "waffle rack" for awhile. You can take them home and pull them apart into two halves (they're quite large) and pop them into the toaster for breakfast. Turns out they're cheaper than the imported freezer ones I was so excited to see, as they're a dollar each, and one of then makes a morning meal. The two waffles I burned yesterday cost about $1.70.
I don't know why I enjoy waffles so much, but really dislike pancakes.
My life is thrilling.

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