Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ass Injections

Almost no one has read my BLOG, but I got a visit from someone searching for "ass injections!!" That's precious!

Speaking of, I went to the doctor again and had me another ass-injection and 3 more days of 19 and a half pills per day. I am feeling a lot better, but still tired with a hacky cough and sore throat. I think I should be feeling 100% by the end of the week so I can enjoy the weekend. I think this weekend I'm going to get off my ass (injection) and go see something interesting. I don't know what. I do wish I had someone to wander around with and talk to. Maybe I'll just set out and see where the day takes me.

*Ahem* ass injection ass injection ass injection.


On my television as I type this, is the "reality" show 'Who Wants to Marry My Dad?' What a load of crap it is! My ear are bleeding just listening to the sappy "blah blah-ing" of the participants:

(Over melodious strings) "My heart may be broken tonight, but I have the hope that it will once again be whole."


I appreciate being able to watch TV, don't get me wrong. In Japan I had 5 channels with very very very few English programs on. I spent a lot of time watching crazy Japanese game shows I couldn't really understand, but got a kick out of. I was jonesing for some good old English programming though. Here, I have about 78 channels, and a lot of choices for TV-watching. OCN, Hallmark, and Super Action play a lot of English movies. OnStyle (which is on now) is almost all English shows, including The OC, Oprah, Ally MacBeal, Gilmore Girls, Sex is the City, and a slew of "reality." On channel 69 (the all-Friends all-the-time channel) they occasionally interrupt Friends to show a few episodes of "Extreme Makeover, That 70's Show, and 3rd Rock." My mom also, bless her, sends me tapes of 3rd Watch and ER, which we used to watch together in Canada, and Six Feet Under, which started after I left, and I love!! Once I get back to Canada I'm going to catch up on a lot of TV I've missed..."West Wing" being the one I've missed, maybe the most.

This post is boring. I know.

Ass injection ass injection ass injection.

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Kevin said...

Maybe go take a boat ride somewhere. How expensive can it be to visit one of the islands just offshore? Or, hell, hop over to Chejudo for a day and a night. Eat some live sea cucumber. Hee hee.