Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cheese and Collagen. Mmmmmm.

Shopping in Korea is often interesting, and one thing they do here is attach one product to another product in the hopes of attracting you to buy said product. Sometimes, they're the same product; buy 4 rolls of paper towels, and get another 2 taped-on bonuses. Sometimes they're complimentary products, like buy a block of tofu and get a pack of denjang paste attached. Sometimes the dual products make no sense. I am wearing the bonus I got for buying a container of Philly Cream Cheese on my face right now, a collagen face mask. I don't know how the two are supposed to react with one another, but whatever. Perhaps I should be eating a bagel with cheese now while improving my skin's elasticity and moisture level.

The little girls told me I was a "halmoni" (grandmother) today in class because my shin is flaking with all the cold weather we've been having. I've been neglecting my skincare regime anyhow, so deserved to be called out on it.

Then the Pakistani dudes called me "adjumma" (middle aged or younger married woman)which is funny.

Now that I've sported this silly looking mask for 20 minutes, perhaps someone will recognize my youthful glow and bouncy skin tomorrow and call me "highschool girl."

One can always hope.

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