Saturday, December 31, 2005

F.F. Update: I Wave My White Flag

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.
Except I'm not going.

I coughed ALL night, and I don't even want to call it coughing, when it's more like barking. I'm exhausted. Everything is set up for me to go. I arranged a ride right to the Port, and cleaned my house in spurts last night. But, once the alarm clock rang and I squeaked out a good morning to the cat, I stood up and realized what I think I figured all along. I'm not going.

I can't really hear out of one ear. Well, I can hear, but it sounds like the ocean in a seashell. With my hacking and sniffling and moaning and falling asleep all over the place, just to wake up hacking a few minutes later, I'm no bloody fun. I think even being back amongst friends in lovely Japan isn't going to make me as genki as I'd like, and I'd hate to come back here being disappointed. Or even worse, still sick or even sicker. So I give up.

Happy Frickin New Years.

One of the sealer of the deals is the fact that I haven't been able to taste or smell anything in 3 days. I always REALLY look forward to eating some excellent Japanese cuisine, but what's the point if it all tastes like nothing? My appetite's gone as well, and I've just had a bowl of soup and toast the last couple days. Plus with the massive amount of pills I'm taking I shouldn't enjoy all the Kirin beer and Chu-Hi I want to drink. New Years Eve, sick and sober? Blah.

So I am totally bummed. I think this whole holiday season will go down as the absolute crappiest in Jelly-history.

The good news is I called my boss and arranged to go back to work if I'm feeling up to it after the weekend. Thereby I retain my holidays to use at another time, which will be at the Lunar New Year at the end of the month. I already reserved my ticket. So I'll get to have "New Years" in Japan and we'll do it up right. Meanwhile, my boss knows for sure now that when I say I'm sick, I'm not playing around. She knew how excited I was about my vacation. She was very kind when I talked to her, and asked if she could visit me this weekend. I said "sure," so maybe she'll stop by with some fruit or something.

Now for me, it's tea and bed.
Seriously, Happy New Years folks. Let's hope 2006 brings us all more health and more happiness.


Kevin said...


This is beginning to sound alarming, dude. I know you've had some treatment in terms of pills and ass injections, but I'm beginning to wonder whether a plain old hospital stay might not be in order. As you know, Koreans go to the hospital for a lot less than what you've got, so maybe consider doing this sometime soon, if your boss is willing.

All the same, sick or not, I do hope you have a Happy New Year. All the best for 2006!

Bballi geon-gang hae!


Jelly said...

Hi Kevin! Happy New Year!
I really dislike hospitals, so would only go if I absolutely had to. I am feeling better than before. I'm going to see about getting a flu shot after I'm over this and I think that'll help out, along with my new 2006 policies about infectious children!

John McCrarey said...

Sorry you had to delay the trip to Nippon, but under the circumstances it was a prudent decision.

Hope you are feeling better soon and here's wishing you a happy and HEALTHY new yer!

s said...

Terrible news Jelly, (or Jenn, you posted on my blog?). I always get sick on the holidays and on the weekends.
But you certainly have the right idea if you're going to be sick you might as well work and make money. Save the holidays for when you feel well! Hopefully, I won't come off sounding like too much of a wise-ass. Good luck on getting better.
I'll save some of my hit menu items for you to chomp on if you meet me at the Tokyo airport in mid January.

Kirk said...

Hi J - I'm so sorry that you missed your "trip". But you really need to get this checked out - it sounds like it's really getting serious.