Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today's Newly Learned Thing

I did not know that if I deleted pics from Photobucket, that they would disappear in archived posts. That makes sense, but I only figured it out in taking a walk down memory lane in search for the last time I called in sick. 2 times in almost 5 and a half months, that's not TOO bad. I mean, it's not the NEVER that my co-workers have called in sick, but,...

Anyhow, when I have some time and am feeling better, I'll try to replace those pics on Photobucket. I might have to create a new account, or get some photo hosting from another site. The reason I deleted the pics was it was proving impossible to upload any more, and even though Photobucket didn't tell me I had too many in my account, once I deleted some it seemed to un-jam the jammage.

I don't even know if it matters, not having pics in the posts, but rather a big red X, but it bugs me, knowing they're lopsided and kind of incomplete.

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