Friday, December 02, 2005


My computer started protesting loudly while I was watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It sounds unhappy, and I'm wondering if it's getting ready to blow up. Every time it craps out, it does so on the weekends, just to bug me, I think. Being the computer savvy tech that I am, as soon as I heard the noise I got right on the problem.

I cleaned the computer and the monitor AND the mouse. With an environmentally friendly spray cleaner and paper towels no less! (No spit and the corner of my t-shirt for my baby.) Still, though, it rattles and hums. Unappreciative hunk 'o junk!

I started my Christmas shopping by buying myself a gift. I don't anticipate getting any presents actually. I got a tip off when my family told me "we're not sending you any gifts this Christmas." They're retaliating because I told them last spring I'd be home for Christmas, but it turns out I am a liar. With NO days off, I could maybe get a flight out Friday night on the 23rd, but I'd have to get right back on a plane after a quick Christmas coffee at the airport in Toronto. That's just silly.

Anyhow, my Christmas gift to myself is actually my first ever purchase from eBay. My favourite perfume:
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and what a bargoon it was! It retails for $105 and I got it for $36! Sweet! I just hope it makes it here intact. Have you ever smelt it? Mmmmm. From the Montreal Gazette:
"We're launching 200 to 300 new brands in the marketplace in a year," said Heather Josey, buyer of prestige fragrances at Hudson Bay Co. That's about 10 times the number of perfumes launched annually 20 years ago. North America's top-selling perfume is Thierry Mugler's Angel, a caramel-chocolate concoction whose customers become part of an Angel "circle." When you're part of Angel, you're part of a world of luxury," Josey said.

I love being a part of a circle, especially a circle of luxury.

At some point I'd like to be part of a rhombus of revenge, but seeing as we're entering the time for holiday spirit, I guess a luxurious circle is good for now!

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