Thursday, December 08, 2005


I made it through the day, and my voice is back, albeit raspy and gravelly. I was glad to see the day end, I was really tired. I felt especially affectionate toward my little students, who were glad to see me back at work. Some of them even asked, as soon as they saw me, "Teacha, are you ok?" Sweet little monkeys.

I think my "outside cat" Valerie is gone. I haven't seen her in a couple months. I'll assume that some nice person took her in and she's safe and warm. I really like the dog family who gets up to greet me on my way to work every day. Barky Boyfriend is such a devoted dog who lets me pet him now. Mamadog has loosened up too, and lets me play with her adorable little clone-puppy, who I've named "Minimamapuppy." I give them treats everyday.

So, quarterly reports are all finished up. Soon, probably next week, we'll put up the Christmas tree in the lobby at work, and I'll get to decorate it. That'll be good. I wish I could find candy canes here.

Tomorrow night I'll go out for dinner with the nice Korean-American couple from my neighbourhood. Even though I picked the restaurant last time, I'm going to try to do so again, and suggest samgyetang. It's one of my favourite dishes, and will be good for my cold. It's baby chicken and ginseng soup. Yummilicous.
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Now I'm going to try to track down the source of the strange noise that's been going on for about an hour. It sounds like a tiny ghost gasping for breath. Then I shall sleep. I'm aiming for 8 and a half hours.

**UPDATE: I got about 8 hours of solid drooly sleep and woke up with a sore throat, but maybe I was breathing out of my mouth all night. I could use about 2 more hours of sleep, but that was pretty good. The "tiny ghost" was actually my MP3 player in my bag which turned itself on. I'm glad it wasn't a real ghost, because it sounded like it was ailing.

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milgwimper said...

wow gorgeous picture, and I am jealous! That looks so delicious and warm!