Monday, December 26, 2005

Stupid Ants

I woke up this morning and noticed a line of red bumps from my left eye to my jaw. "What's that about?" I thought. I showed my cheek to the little kids in my first class and they told me it was ants. Grrrr!

It stands to reason, though. The ants are angry that ever since drinking about 20 of them that had gone swimming in my water jug beside my bed, I've been keeping a closed bottle of water to drink throughout the night instead. I've closed their swimming pool. They're angry. We've been living in relative peace, thus far. In the summer, when there are many more of them, they eat the cat's leftovers. It grosses me out, but I kind of like drowning them when I get home and put Kamikaze's dish in the sink.

But now that they're starting to attack, it's ON. ME vs. ANTS.

Speaking of Kamikaze, he's doing this new thing where he leaves his litter box before he's completed his business. Then he lies on the floor and poos. I don't know why he's doing that. The other day I caught him preparing the rug by scratching it into a ball to receive his poo before he even made it to the box. Is he not feeling well? Are the ants biting him too? Are all the creatures in my apartment rebelling?

The cool remote control car I bought the boss's kid isn't working. He went cuckoo opening the box, and the antennae that was supposed to screw into the remote control went missing. Or it was never in the box to begin with. So the car wasn't working properly that night, but I thought maybe it just needed some time to re-charge the batteries. I asked my boss today if it was working, and she said no, but she asked her kid if he wanted to exchange it and he said no, he was "satisfied with it as it is."


I said "Oh, please let me return it! The fun of the car is to be able to DRIVE it into walls so it can repair itself, (the toy's gimmick - pretty cool to watch though!) It's a remote controlled car, if the remote control doesn't work, it's just a car." (And frankly I don't want to have spent the money I did on just 'a car!')

Honestly, the kid should be allowed to actually see the car work as it's intended to before he goes ahead and breaks it, eh? But in a way, I think it shows some small insight as to why the kid is the little King that he is. I imagine his mom knows the kind of fit the kid's going to throw about having to do without his new toy for a night when I take it downtown to exchange it.

I don't know how I'd manage it if I had a child who threw screaming tantrums as easily, or managed to turn my name (mom) into the whiniest drawn out word in the universe as this kid can. I might want to jam forks into my eyes and ears.

I'm mean, eh? It's the ants. They make-a me cah-ray-zee!


Suzi said...

I'd like to have a car like that! I mean a real car that I could drive into things (or people) and then watch it repair itself. Now THAT would be a Christmas present!

Paula said...

I enjoyed reading some of your blog entries!