Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back Up

Hey there!
I'm back online at my apartment. A guy came over the other morning and fixed my computer. I let him in and then went back to bed, which is strange, because my bed is about 10 feet away from the computer.
"Hi, come in! Here's the computer! Zzzzzzzzz."

Stands to reason I was so tired. Tuesday night I went down to the big stadium to cheer on Korea's team in their 1st World Cup Soccer match. It was a lot of fun. Because they won, we ended up going out for some dinner and some soju.
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Mmmmm! That's some delicious fiery chicken surrounded by cheese. It was served with this:
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That's some very spicy rice cake and a bland gruel made up of water and rice, pretty much. It was not very exciting, the sludge, but it helped to deal with the fire-in-the-mouth created by the other two dishes. So we washed the meal down with soju and I came home and tripped going up the stairs and did a nice one point landing on my tooth. Chipped it a little. Mahvelous.

Then I drank a couple more beers and drunk dialed a couple friends and a couple family members. I know they looooove it when I do that. So when the computer guy showed up the next morning it was no wonder I was feeling pretty rough. I have a massive bruise on my thigh that will probably last until the next World Cup game for Korea (Monday morning at 4am.) Regardless of who wins, I will forgo the soju.

Tae-Haminguk, brothers and sisters!

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It's Me, Maven... said...

Please post a recipe for that firey chicken!!!! Looks delish!!