Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy Bday WCB!

In honour of WCB's birthday, Kamikaze got out his favourite toy he likes to ignore, uhm, I mean play with!
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Mama Mouse and her babies don't like being ignored. So they crawled up on his back. It was a long climb. He's like a mountain. They needed to rest awhile.
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To wish Clare and Kiri a Happy WCBirthday, visit Eat Stuff! Now Kamikaze and the mice and I are going to zzzzzz.


boo_licious said...

Hi Kamikaze! Lovely mice, hope they're full of catnip!

Shannon said...

Oh, man, Colin would go NUTS for that toy!

it's only fuel said...

OMG...that is the biggest cat I've seen in a long time! Did he eat all of his toys? He's a gorgeous color:)

harlemgrrl said...

those are brave mice! btw, my cats aren't fond of toys that cost money. they like paper bags, stinky socks, bottle caps and an occasional expensive shoe heel.

would you mind posting a recent picture of kamikaze standing or walking? i like to think of him as graceful, but it would be nice to see those legs in action.

Clare Eats said...

wow that is a looong hike :P

Love the mouse troupe!
Hows the diet going? I think Kamikaze looks skinnier?

Jelly said...

Thanks for commenting folks!
Boo - uhm, no catnip in there. I've never SEEN catnip over here, though I have bought in in Japan. There, though, it's either buds, sticks, or powder form. I don't know why they don't sell it in leaves. Maybe they're afraid the cats'll smoke it!
Clare - I dont know if he's skinnier. I should measure him again. I'm feeding him less anyhow!
I'll try to post a video (iffen I can figure out how'tuh) of Kamikaze skating,...uhm, I mean - walking.

sher said...

Oh--for some reason I missed seeing this picture of you Kami--and we are big fans of yours here. Very nice mice!