Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm Working Myself into a Lather

I asked my boss to make a few phone calls today to the animal hospital I took Kamikaze to over a year ago. I needed to know if they had a larger cat carrier (for a medium sized dog at least,) or if they knew where to get one. I also needed to know about rabies shots.

Super! Turns out they had a medium sized dog carrier in stock, and vaccinations would be ok too! They actually remembered Kamikaze from his last (and only) visit! So I got my boss to call down there and say I'd be coming, please don't close early, and so forth. I was quite relieved.

Well, I needn't have been. One look at the "medium sized" dog carrier and I shook my head. Nope, that's too small. In fact, it was the same as the carrier I have here in my apartment collecting dust. It was fine when I brought Kamikaze over here 2 years ago and he weighed 7 and a half kilograms. He's about double that now! The carrier they had in stock was the smallest version of that model (the 520.) They're having a 620 sent over tomorrow, but if that's not suitable, I've been told I'm SOL as far as getting a larger model in my city. In Seoul, they're available, but not here.
"Why would we have carriers for big dogs? They're too delicious to carry around!" the Vet joked.
-I'm totally kidding.
"Sure, we have carriers for big dogs! They're called Stew Pots!"
-Ok, I'm finished now.

C. came and met me downtown and we headed back up to my place. I fixed dinner for us- a very Western meal of soup and sandwiches, which was delish. (Well, we ate it with 3 kinds of kimchi, so, you know - it wasn't SO Canadian.) As I started doing the dishes, C. crawled into bed, took off his glasses and was snoring in about 3 minutes. That was a couple hours ago. I guess the DVD I rented isn't going to get watched tonight.

Oh, and I brought up the possibility of Kamikaze staying with him, and he looked sheepish when he told me his mother hates cats. Many Koreans do. As I said before, I was surprised he said yes so readily when I asked him before. He suggested Kamikaze could stay at an office- he's been working part-time with his friend at an "events planning" company. I told him that wouldn't work at all. My cat, I'm sure, would feel safest in an environment with very few people. Ideally, one person. Super ideally, me.

Another option I explored today was a "kennel" at the animal hospital. It was one smelly room with 6 plexi-glass encasements. Not even suitable for a kitten, in my opinion, let alone a beast like Sumo-K. One small miserable dog lay curled up in the bottom corner "booth." It reeked of "VET." I think I'd rather set Kamikaze free in the forest than board him there for even a day. With the amount of time I'd have to board him whilst in Canada, it would cost about $1,500 Cdn.
What we need here is some of these.

I asked my boss if she was looking for a new teacher and she said she's been talking to other directors and people (recruiters?) She joked, "If I can't find someone, you have to stay!" I told her I HAD to go back to Canada for at least a couple weeks. I'm so worried about everything I've been working out so many scenarios in my mind. What if we got someone to come in for the month of August? What if they gave me 2 weeks? Would I agree to stay longer? Another six months? I've got to talk to her again, probably tomorrow, about booking me a ticket home. I need a non-stop flight. From the tiny bit of investigation I did today, it looks like maybe only Korea Air flies direct from Seoul to Toronto.

I really wish I had a firm grasp on what is the best option for all concerned. Any ideas? Does anyone in Korea want to spend some time with a nice, albeit a little neurotic, cat for a few weeks this summer?

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