Friday, June 16, 2006

Po Toes

I actually went down to the stadium only because C. had a photo assignment. He's not a photographer, by any means - but he has a digital camera and he had the time, so was roped into taking some pictures for a pamphlet that someone's going to make for some reason.

Ha! Of the over 100 pictures he snapped, TWO were deemed to be "okay!"
I have to say, I didn't fare much better.
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Even though I've had my camera for some time now, I'm still fiddling with the menu settings. I just figured out last week how to stop the camera from taking MEGA sized pictures. I also keep forgetting to change the options for varying times of day or settings.

Here's another crappy picture, but I felt compelled to take it. As I was walking around the stadium headed to the gate where C. was waiting for me I was overwhelmed by the roar of the people inside. The game was just about to start, and I'll be damned if the moon rising wasn't coming up red. I took it as an auspicious coincidence.
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Awwww. And here's a nice "Ah Lobbu U Kolea Team Pietingu" shrine set up outside the stadium. Teenagers took turns jumping around inside, and then hassled me to buy chicken from them "po a dollah."
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