Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's 32 degrees inside my apartment. Hotter than it is outside even! We've been lucky so far, the days are quite warm, kind of like a proper summer day should be in Canada, but the nights are nice and cool. Meanwhile, I've heard they're roasting back home. Global warming SUCKS!

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Kevin said...

No A/C, eh?


In the previous post, your cat's doing a good impression of Later Elvis, by the way. One day, his hind legs are simply gonna drop off, and then he will finally be revealed as Jabba the Hutt, with tiny, bikini'ed, Carrie Fisher slave girls dancing around him.

Not that I have any right to make fun of him... my own little frog legs are somewhat dwarfed by the estomago gigante north of them.

As for letting your family see your blog... I think they'll love it. You're a fabulous, funny writer. My dad's a regular reader of my blog, and Mom occasionally hits it, too, though I don't think she gets all the humor. Your blog is far nicer in tone than mine is, so I think your folks will have no trouble at all with the content.

They might get freaked by your cat, though. Heh.