Friday, June 16, 2006

Me: As a Mom

I mentioned a dream I had a little while ago, and the comments reminded me of another dream I had a few months ago. It was very vivid and I woke up shaken afterward. In the dream I had a baby. He was a beautiful little baby, all chubby cheeked and with strawberry blonde ringlets. He was a very happy baby and laughed and cooed as I bounced him around in my arms.

So I took my baby to a house party. Typical house-party people were in attendance, smokers and dancers and a large conglomerate of frat-boy types in the corner building a beer-can-pyramid. Maybe I took my baby back to the 80's.

Anyhow, I went to the refrigerator to get a beer, but my hands were full with the baby. So I reached up and put him on top of the fridge and grabbed me a cold one. Then I saw someone interesting I knew across the room and went over to talk to them. I was having a great time at the party, but every once in awhile I'd remember I had a baby and would panic and rush back toward the fridge, but I kept getting distracted on the way there. Then I'd remember again, and panic and rush and forget. And repeat.

Finally, I made it back to get my baby, who *phew* was still on top of the refrigerator, but whom had morphed into five tiny kittens wrapped in a blanket. Which made sense. I was all relieved, "Ahhhh, my baay,...kittens!!" So I picked them up and snuggled them in my arms and made my way toward the front door.

And then I tripped.
And flattened them.

I cried while the frat boys helped to peel them off my shirt.

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