Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fear Me

Another day, another visit to the dolphin sonar doctor, another ass injection, another opportunity to freak people out and make small children cry. You have to admit, I do look evil. I'm smiling in the picture, because when I don't smile it looks like a mug-shot. Besides, I think the smiling makes me look more sinister, in addition to being fugly.
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The swelling around my eyes has gone down a bit, but blood has seeped into BOTH my eyeballs now. Also, I didn't think it was possible, but the knot on my head has gotten bigger, and it itches like there's a nest of baby spiders inside. There's a lot of pressure in my head and looking at stuff is difficult.

Thank you for your kind comments and well wishes. They're making me feel better, even though I'm feeling pretty miserable.


Kevin said...

Yeah, it looks like you've got a bit of seepage under the corneas, there. I'd say that's nothing to worry about: eyes are generally quick to heal from injuries and other weirdness.

The enlarged lump is a more interesting case, but here, too, the presence of fluid is generally a good thing: at a guess, you've got a good bit of lymph and other stuff inside that lump, quietly doing the repair work that will restore you to your former regal pulchritude.

If the pressure from the lump becomes too painful, you should see the doc again. If vision is becoming a problem, definitely see the doc again, because that's a practical matter.

In a sense, it's good to be in a country where people go to the hospital for even the smallest reasons, because it means the staff are always on the alert (more or less). Then, when someone like you comes along with a legitimate reason to visit the hospital, they're ready and willing to treat you, and treatment is relatively cheap.

What's with all the ass injections, by the way? Is "ass injection" some sort of code language?

Are you in prison or something?

Git Wel sUNe,


Jelly said...

Thanks, Kevin.
It is getting better- and yes, actually I go see the doctor everyday, so I'm being looked after.
I should maybe stop calling the needles in the butt "ass injections," but I think it's funny. I doubt that the visitors who stop by after googling the term are looking for descriptions of me visiting the doctor. Ha! But every single time I've gone to the doctor, the nurse ends up sticking me in the butt and then spanking me. I should rename my blog "I Got 2,000 Ass Injections!"

scott said...

Uh yeah, you[averting eyes] better.

Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor about things.