Thursday, June 01, 2006

Strange Day

Today didn't start off so good. I was feeling a little out of sorts, so I decided I would wear a little makeup. I don't usually bother for work, but the kids like it, especially the little girls, who point at my eyes and say "Ohhhh, teacha! Mascala!" (And then sometimes they tell me I'm beautiful which always cheers me up!)

Anyhow, I realized that I got carried away and I had put too much makeup on. I didn't want to be looking like a clown after all!
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So I went to take it off and start again. I decided I would use the new makeup remover product I had gotten at "The Face Shop," it is made of herbs and it supposed to be gentle for my sensitive skin.
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Oh, wait a minute?!? Does that say "LIP and EYE REMOVER?" I should have read the bottle better!!!

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I couldn't very well go to school with no lips and eyes, that would TOTALLY freak the students out. So I repainted on some new lips and eyes with my liquid eyeliner. Just then, though, some man passed by playing a flute and a couple holes opened up in my head and two large long snakes started coming out. They made their way down my arm and leg and then slithered away, following Flute-Man. I tried to call them back to me, but they just turned around momentarily and hissed at me before disappearing around a corner.
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So, even though I felt really lightheaded and, somehow, lonely, I set off for work. No way I was going to let losing my eyes and lips and the contents of my head stop me from teaching! On the way to work I pointed my camera in various directions and snapped away.

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A pretty flower.

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A hard-hat plant. I think this plant is specific to Korea. I can't recall seeing one before.

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Barky Dog wants a treat.

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His girlfriend, Mamasita, is more stand-offish. She'd never admit it, but she wants a treat too!

I always have treats in bag for when I meet up with these two. They know it, and Barky comes running toward me when I approach. He's such a nice dog, but today he rolled over and showed me his gnarly underside. I wonder if he's got a dog-version of "the clap." Something's not right there. I was thankful I had drawn-on eyes so I couldn't actually SEE it though.

Finally, I didn't see a van full of multi-coloured pigs.
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I miss my snakes.


Kevin said...

Faceless J,

This is hilarious.


Kirk said...

Too funny......lipless and eyeless wonder!!!

sher said...

Actually, I think I saw Paris Hilton with make-up on like that. :):)