Monday, June 19, 2006

Korea vs France

I'm watching the World Cup match between Korea and France right now, and unfortunately France just scored. Boooooo!

I don't know what the ratio of spectators attending the event is. I would assume that there may be more France supporters than Koreans, given the proximity of France compared with Korea in relation to Germany. Watching this match on TV, though, I realize something I couldn't the other night*. Damn, Korean soccer fans are LOUD! All I can hear are "Tae-haminguk's" and "Oh Pilsung Korea's" and "Oh Wa Ahmma Champion's." Don't France fans have chants**? Maybe their mouths are full of coq au vin.

Ha. Loud Koreans. Can you imagine it?!

*I wasn't able to hear the loud Koreans actually attending the game, because I was surrounded by loud Koreans watching from Korea.

**"Don't France fans have chants?" Say that 10 times fast.

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