Friday, June 23, 2006

Strange and Beautiful

Look at this silly toenail. It's the one beside my baby toe on my left foot, and it's decided it wants to start growing in a circle.
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Stupid toe.

Look at these silly dogs! They were barking up a storm at the pet hospital where I went to get Kamikaze's unsuitable carrier the other night. The vet told me it was a mom and her two daughters.
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Nice hair-do's ladies!

On my way to work:
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And on my way home:
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not so "Ahhhhhhh!"
This frog is not sleeping. He's dead.
What's strange is that he is lying dead just a few inches away from where another frog lay dead last summer. He's lying at the bottom of three uneven concrete steps that lead up to a little garden on the side of a large hill. (My apartment's at the top of the hill, so I pass this garden twice daily.) I often see an old couple caring for the garden on my way to work. Is it some sort of tradition in Korea to place a large dead frog at the entrance to your garden at the beginning of summer? Is it an offering to the gods? Last year, I wasn't able to photo-document its decomposing because I didn't have a camera, but this year, mwaaaah-ha-ha-ha. Should I share my daily gross-out's with you?

*By the way, speaking of gross, my toenail's not all gnarly and yellow like it appears in the picture. It's actually painted gold (or at least it was last Sunday, now it's peacock blue.)

1 comment:

It's Me, Maven... said...

Even the dead frog and gnarly toenail... therein is beauty. I really dig absurd stuff.

I love how the frog's eyes are a bit murky/milky.

And re: the toenail... just keep trimming it right down to the quick. I suspect that thing will be painful as it grows in, getting snagged on stuff and whatnot...