Friday, August 17, 2007


Outside my apartment building, there are many many holes in the ground where many many of these things live:
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I do not like them.

Speaking of bugs, Computer-Man came to my apartment and hooked me back up again. Yet I still have some trouble, and can't get any e-mails right now. Sometimes my browser's all messed up. So Mister C.M. will have to come again and have a look. I'm considering buying a new PC. This thing is such a hunk-of-junk.

And this is for my pal The Big Ho, in case he's hungry.
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Kevin said...

Mmmmmm. Spiders are our tasty little friends.

By the way, I used to own four tarantulas.

Shocking, right?


Jelly said...

I know about your former tarantulas. I seem to remember something about one of their big butts exploding. What was that again?

sher said...

Oh, I hope you get yourself a new computer! Does it make me hopelessly nerdy that I'd rather get a new computer than most anything?