Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Influenceableified

I tell ya, that Kevin can just hypnotize me! He's all like, "Jelly?" in his big boomy voice, and I'm all like, "Yes, Master?" A couple weeks ago I awoke on a Monday morning and knew immediately what I was going to have for dinner that night after visiting Kevin's post. Kevin's shrimp kind of looked like they'd been stir-fried in dirt, but still,....shrimp,....yummmmmm.

So here's what I had that night:
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White rice, a bowl of soon doobu jjighae, and some yummy shrimp that were stir fried with garlic, basil, and chili. It was deelish!

And just this past week, Kevin done hypnotized me again with his great looking salad. It reminded me that I had some blue cheese somewhere in the fridge I'd bought on sale a couple weeks ago. "I should eat that up," I thought. And it also reminded me of a salad I used to make back in Canada a looooong time ago! So here's what I ate Monday and Wednesday!
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Now this salad both ROCKS and ROLLS! Too yummy, and it's not hard to make.

Round these here parts, we don't gots no fancy kitchen you-tensils like them stuck up city folk. Round these parts, we youse our knifes for all the choppy-chop.
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Here I've shaved a lemon and am choppy chopping it, pretending I'd used a fancy zester. I'd just finished chopping some almonds, so that's not dirt on the board. (Kevin had used a hand held fancy chopper-thing on his nuts, which made it appear that he'd "sprinkled almonds on his almonds." That made me laugh.)
(Also, as previously noted, Kevin's the one who cooks with dirt.)
(And the idea of Kevin chopping his nuts, ha ha ha!)

So, for the salad,...easy-peasy.
Tear up a variety of greens in a bowl. I used a mix just like The 'Ho did. Would that be "mescaline greens" back in North America? Maybe. Chop half a green apple and lay that on top. Then add some hunks of blue cheese, and drizzle some dressing.
The dressing is made of the zest and juice of one lemon, some mayonnaise, some milk (or you could use cream, or nothing I suppose) a nice drizzle of honey, and lots of black pepper. It's really good. Finally, schprinkle on some toasted almonds. Mine are just a little TOO roasted. You've got to mind them while they're on the flame - or under the broiler - 15 seconds can make the difference between golden or charred. In Canada, I used to make this salad with roasted pecans. I think walnuts would work too!
So, voila! Eat up!

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Kevin said...

All these insults... is this because I abuse your cat?

(And the idea of Kevin chopping his nuts, ha ha ha!)

What can I say? I suffer for my art, dirty though it be.