Saturday, August 25, 2007

La Cucaracha

I stood sweating at a bus stop tonight. Behind me was a small courtyard belonging to a 2-storey house. The smell coming from the courtyard was not good. I wondered, as it assaulted my nose, it there was an open sewer line somewhere beyond the chest height stone wall. I turned to glare accusingly at the wall which encircled the smelliness and noticed some movement in the bottom corner. A steady drip of cockroaches oozed out, like a faucet that hadn't been turned off tightly enough.

This one lingered to have its picture taken.
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It's wings are kind of unfurled.
It's preparing to freak me the hell out by flying into my face.
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I didn't get a picture of this face-approaching roach. I was busy flinging my camera into the road with my flailing cockroach avoiding arms.

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