Thursday, August 02, 2007


From what I've heard other people say, listening to another person describe a dream they had is about as interesting as watching the sun shine. I sort of beg to differ. Someone with a knack for storytelling would be able to make anything sound interesting. Some people I know have said I can tell a tale. Granted, I pay beg them to compliment me, so you never know.

Anyways. I've dreamt about ants on a banana poof recently. You might already know that. But I've also dreamt about old friends lately. (I blame &@^#% Facebook.) In the dreams, I meet friends I haven't seen in years. I'm always very pleased to see them, but inevitably as they're describing what they're up to these days, I reach my hand out, grab the back of their head, and pull them close to me. Then I bite a huge chunk out of their neck and relish the fact that my old friends taste like cherries.

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