Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Was the sky.
We had cloud cover all day, and even though I shook my fist at the clouds, threatening to come up there and beat them up around 6 o'clock, they did not care and they did not clear. And they even got pissy and started to rain on my umbrellaless head just as the eclipse was ending behind their cover.

Before I left work, though, I brought up a real time view of the eclipsing moon on the computer.
It was reddish and dim looking.
I was hoping it would be cherry red.
And maybe shooting off some fire or sparks.
And whirling around like a pinwheel.

It wasn't even emitting a tune!! I was hoping for a peppy version of UB40's "Red Red Wine" being sung by the Chipmunks.

All round, this evening was quite a let down.

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Bohemian in Korea said...

:-( well hopefully tomorrow will be better. Atleast it's getting cooler!