Friday, March 07, 2008


Well Sunny and her great big balls came back to work today! I was surprised. Karen said that she talked to her for "a long long time" and has decided to give her another chance. Karen's laid down some rules, which I suppose are along the lines of "come to work and stop being a dumbass."

I've been told it's very hard to get a new teacher these days. One of another of our franchises advertised for a couple of months for a new employee and didn't get one call. So in some ways my boss is over a barrel and Sunny can continue to screw around if she wants to. I don't know how long she's going to last - as it seems to me her interest in working is really waning.

I asked her, when we were alone in the Teacher's Room, "So what happened yesterday?"
She laughed, which she always does when she's uncomfortable and said, "Oh, yesterday I hebbu no head."
This makes just as much sense as anything else she says, and it actually explains why she didn't call in to let Karen know she wasn't coming into work. While she may have been able to dial the phone, when she lifted it to speak into she just found an empty space where her head used to be. It's probably better she didn't come in, as I'm fairly sure a headless teacher would really freak the kids out. Now I know that this is an okay excuse, the next time I don't feel like coming into work I'm going to call the boss and explain, "I hebbu no legs."

I can't walk to work with no damn legs now, can I?

I think what Sunny actually meant was that she lost her mind yesterday.
Fair enough. I know the feeling of being so down you just can't get your shit together enough to quit crying and get your ass out of bed. I don't even know if that's what happened, but I assume it was something along those lines. It's a shame we don't have some Mental Health Days - but as it is we don't have enough teachers to even allow me to take the vacation days that are promised to me in my contract, which makes me want to stay at home and cry.

Alright, anyways, check this guy out:
What's up with his legs?

He's all, "I'm just going to sit here and enjoy my hamburger and you - yah, you all there walking past this window, can enjoy my nuts."

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Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Omidawg, Jelly Roll! That guy has what we in the states call "a wide stance". If you missed the Larry Craig comedy Larry Craig's wide stance.
Great shot!