Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wild Ride

I think people who say it's boring when people recount their previous nights dreams are boring. My dreams are cool.
Except last night's wasn't so cool.

I was dying of cancer in the dream and I made babies cry and people gasp in horror when they saw me; I looked so shitty and sick. I felt a big lump in my chin and I scratched it and a soup can sized pink jello-like blob slid out and jiggled in my hand before melting. I had a big hole in my face. I could stick my hand up through my chin and wave to people from the inside of my mouth. That really freaked everyone out.

I asked my friend to drive me to the hospital and she did,...going 140km an hour on the highway, with no hands on the steering wheel. I kept asking her to slow down and drive the car properly. She kept saying, "It's cool, man. The car will get off the highway when it feels like it." She was really pissing me off.

I woke up unnerved.

1 comment:

lindsey starr said...

crazy gross dream!! must have been one hell of a cancer! glad you woke up thoguht o find that it was just a disgusting dream.

I love cool ones too, so maybe I'm not boring :)