Friday, March 21, 2008

Hop To It

I don't miss working with Jane that much. When we were getting along, it was good - but she could be unpredictable with her moods and she was definitely bossy, which got on my nerves. On the other hand, she was really quite organized and by god, she could get things done quickly. Sometimes I'd come into work and ask her to please do something for me - find out some information or make a call to someone, and usually it would be taken care of by the time I finished my first class. Go, Jane!

I really enjoy working with my boss. She's very kind and easy going and we get along very well. However, it takes ages to get things done and I feel like I'm hassling her by having to ask multiple times for the same things. Remember the couple plus months where I was peeing in the dark and rescuing soap out of three broken sinks? That only got fixed because I done fixed it. Unfortunately, there's some things I'm not able to do and I need a hand from my boss.

Our computer's been broken for over a month now. Actually, it's not even the computer - it's the monitor - and it's just something wonky with the power cord connection. She decided to buy a new computer over couple weeks ago now, and I say "YAY!" because the hunk o' junk in the Teacher's Room is super slow and completely infected with nasty spyware and viruses that I can't clean. But exactly how long does it take to buy a computer? I know if I decided to get a new PC I'd go out shopping and wham bam I'd be set up a couple hours later. What's the hold up?

There's a little pipe on my balcony that sprung a leak and I've asked Karen to call someone to come fix it. For about a month I've asked her every few days. But, nothing is getting done and sometimes wind blows my dry clean underwear off the clothes horse while I'm at work and I come home to find it sopping and dirty on the balcony floor. It makes me unhappy.

There's materials I need ordered for some classes. There's a call to my "Water Lady" that needs to be made. I could bug my boss every day, but I've decided not to. I think it's easier if I just calm down and casually mention these things again when the time feels right. In the meantime I'm making do,...clothespins for the panties and me narrating conversations from the textbooks for the students (in lieu of cassettes.) I use various pitches and accents in my voice to denote different people talking. The kids think it's funny. I totally fake them out with heavy Scottish brogues. "Aye there Lassie, d'ya ken weer thuh phoormacy's at, like?"

Oh, and I whine on my blog.

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