Saturday, March 01, 2008

That's About Right

While I was riding the bus up to Seoul last weekend I was gazing out the window at the cars going in the other direction when it occurred to me there was something missing about most of them. Colour! In my mind, I listed off the colours of the cars and it went like, "grey white white grey black black white grey white black grey grey Oh! red! grey black white white white,..." I've been told that apparently for a long time the only colours for vehicles were black, white, or a mix of those two.

I just surveyed the parking lot downstairs and there are eighteen cars parked. Six white, five black, four grey, one dull gold, one bright blue Bongo truck, and one burgundy. While I'm typing this, one is beeping. Probably one of the white cars. Those whiteys are troublemakers, I tell ya.

Yah. Like that.
See that white car looking to fight the red car? You know as soon as they get into it, the other white cars are going to turn around and help their homeboy out. I'm not into gangs, man.

If I got myself a car here I'd want it bright purple and super sparkly. Like, you'd only be able to admire it's sparkliness for a moment or two - because then you'd be all blind. You wouldn't be angry about it though. You'd be thankful that the last thing you saw before going blind was so shiny and brilliant. You'd type me thank-you letters on your braille typewriter, you would.

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Gwen said...

I've noticed this, too. That's why I bought a bright green Matiz. The bad news is I can't do anything in my neighborhood without being recognized.