Sunday, March 02, 2008

WCB - 143 'Ol Big Eyes

Hey, Kamikaze - you cute big ball of fur,...

Alright, Giganteyes. You're freaking me out. Go back to napping!

Now's time for shusshing, because of all the napping! So tip-toe over to Mind of Mog and check out all the other kitties in WCB! If you don't, Kamikaze's going to look at you, and that'll freak you out.


Kitikata-san said...

Kamikaze, I am tagging you with 3 new things about you! I think you are the biggest kitty I have seen, and I like that both of us are Japanese kitties. Meow!

catsynth said...

Hey Kamikazee - we haven't seen you in a little while. Glad to see you still doing well - and still your huge self ;)

sher said...

Yikes! You scared me there Kami!!!!